Compositions are works to investigate modes of composing a medium, reflecting outcomes of research and tool development.

List of Music and Sound Compositions

The above list includes music, immersive and interactive media works. Compositions that are large-scale collaborations for immersive and interactive media are documented in the Projects section of this website.

The compositions below are of music genres.  Examples are presented in mp3 format. Some works are available on CDs released by record labels. All examples are copyrighted and require permission of the composer for re-use other than reviews and pedagogy.

Listening Examples

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Acoustic instrument

Animus, Anima for solo ‘cello.  I am deeply grateful for the outstanding performances by Sarah Wiseman of Urbana, Illinois. Recorded at the Heidelberger Festival fur experimentelle Literature und Musik, Heidelberg, Germany by Deutsche Sudwestfunk Radio, in a concert presented by the Performers Workshop Ensemble.

AnimusAnima movement 1

AnimusAnima movement 2

Chaotic circuit and computational nonlinear dynamics

anti-Odysseus program note

anti-Odysseus excerpt 1

anti-Odysseus excerpt 2

The frog in a machine – program note

The frog in a machine – excerpt 1

The frog in a machine – excerpt 2

The frog in a machine is available on compact disc recording Electro Acoustic Music VI, Neuma Records, 1998.

Shadowing Lemma program note

Shadowing Lemma excerpt 1

Electroacoustic Music and ConcSynth: Computer-generated concrète synthesis

Lit program and technical notes

Lit excerpt 1 – opening

Lit excerpt 2 – poem

Lit coda

Lit. is available on compact disc recording The Composer in the Computer Age – VI,  CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol 23. Centaur Records CRC 2302. 1996.

Later, the runaway, program note

Later, the runaway, excerpt 1

Later, the runaway, leaving no trace, not even a trace of misfortune is available on compact disc recording New Graduate Works from the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios. Urbana, 1991.

Communications Workshop program note