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My work and thought developed in perspectives as a composer applying computation for musical structure, sound synthesis, and performance. I have come to  specialize in HCI, multimodal interaction, VR, human gesture study, interactive performing arts, and complex dynamics applied to design. My recent research interests and works engage cognitive models of user’s spatial-temporal interaction, semantic computing, ALife, multimedia information systems, interactive narratives and urban scenarios. Connected to research questions I am an accomplished creative practitioner with contributions across domains, widely published in international journals and proceedings.

I live in Manchester, UK since 2015, holding the posts Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology, and Research Chair of Creative Media and Technology at MediaCityUK, School of Arts and Media, University of Salford.

During the 2000’s I lived in Brooklyn for nearly a decade , where I created and led the program, Emerging Media Technologies (MTEC), as a professor in the Entertainment Technology Department at City University of New York, College of Technology. I joined CUNY in 2008 as a part of their Digital Media Cluster Initiative, where I was ever enlightened by the energy and diversity of students. Prior to 2008 I created the first graduate program of the Integrated Digital Media Institute at Polytechnic University, now the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU.

In 2012 I accepted the position in Columbia College Chicago as Associate Provost for Creative Technology. Leaving New York and CUNY was one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make. However, coming to Columbia College Chicago was the most obvious choice. The College was solely dedicated to creative educational mission with a diversity profile. I signed on to this endeavor in pursuit of excellence for their wide students’ population pursuing their creative futures and livelihoods. Among other projects I led at Columbia is creation of the Music Technology program integrating faculty from Music, Audio Arts and Acoustics, and Interactive Arts and Media.

When I am not moving across the globe I do interaction design, experimental music, and computational media R&D focusing on human computer interaction.

My most passionate projects have been shaped around creating and designing curricula for the next generation of creative minds. With my new colleagues I will be setting up a college-wide project context for incubating new and updated programs involving creative technology, drawing from 20 years of teaching and creating interdisciplinary projects. This project context will institutionalize various informal channels that my generation had to go through in order to acquire knowledge to pursue creative projects that had to been done by creating new technologies, which are yet more creative projects. This institutional design of creative learning builds upon my work experience at places such as the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, IRCAM (Institute of Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music in Paris, France), and the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Berkeley.

I am a student of Herbert Brun, Sal Martirano, and Sever Tipei. My time travelling teachers include Mahler, Schumann, Mozart, Wittgenstein, Merleau-Ponty, Piaget, and Adorno, among others. If you like to read more detailed bio and curriculum vitae, you can find them here:

Biographical Summary

Insook Choi CV

I publish in journals and present at conferences encompassing fields of engineering, contemporary music, and entertainment computing among others. Selected papers are available here.

I do research and development in semantic computing, creative media architectures, interaction design, algorithmic composition, and computational media.

I compose music, experimenting with new computational means to make new sounds. My compositions with some excerpts are here.

I design projects and conduct research
in order to create proper technologies to do the projects. I collaborated with many people in the past. Projects descriptions can be found here.