I was the founding Director of this program from its authorship in 2008 through its second year of incoming students in the 2011-12 academic year.

Emerging Media Technologies Program archived website

See http://emerging-media.info

Let Your Future Emerge…

Emerging Media Technologies (MTEC) is a Baccalaureate program at the New York City College of Technology which offers a creative technology education. The program offers courses on media design theory and practice, computational media models and principles, and engineering methodology and implementation. For next generation global citizenship, you will be equipped with foundational skills and knowledge to contribute to emerging fields of media industries ranging from web to games, entertainment applications, community informatics, and performing arts technologies.

Learn to Create

Learn to observe and learn to create. The MTEC curriculum encourages you to learn the underlying technologies enabling creative lifestyles so that you can be observant in order to create future technologies. Dream progressively and sustain high performance not only to keep up with continuous changes in industry also to shape them.

Develop Your Strengths

MTEC is an interdisciplinary program integrating design, computation, and engineering to guide and cultivate new talents to provide a dynamic work force for emerging media industries. To accommodate the diverse media fields, the program facilitates three areas of concentration: Media Design, Entertainment Fabtronics, and Media Computing. Develop your strength to learn and teach your orientation.