Fall 2010

The full program listing may be found in this document:
MTEC StudentAdvisement Program Content Requirements 5.7.2010

Recommended course scheduling for full-time students each semester for each concentration in the program may be found in this document:
MTEC StudentAdvisement ProgramSchedules 4.24.2010

NOTE: If you are starting this program Fall semester 2010 you MUST take Media Design Process, Media Production Practice, and Media Skills lab at the same time.

The following courses are being offered in the upcoming semester:

Media Design Process – Foundations

An introduction to foundational knowledge and design skills suitable for emerging trends in new media development. Students investigate new design paradigms and production methodologies, underlying technologies, protocols, and processes through idea development, case studies, and an exploration of a full range of interactive media from web to media informatics, games, and interactive objects, spaces, and devices.

  • Credits / Hours: 3.0 / 4.0
  • Course Code: IMT 1101
  • Section: 6261
  • Instructor: Baker, D.
  • Day & Time:  Tuesday/Thursday  10:00 – 11:40 AM
  • Room: V/0321

Media Production Practice – Foundations

Introduction to hands-on techniques and methodologies suitable for interactive and new media production. Students learn to apply design principles and knowledge to integrated media production as well as to document and assess production tools and techniques. Production quality will be emphasized for digital imaging, sound, video, and animation with technical and aesthetical requirements. The structure of the course includes production work, media asset management, professional guests, site visits, and teamwork management as collaborative learning experience. Projects will encompass both practical and creative areas such as internet applications, media informatics, games and simulations, and interactive media devices.

  • Credits / Hours: 1.0 / 3.0
  • Course Code: IMT 1100
  • Section: 6262
  • Instructor: Wortzel, A. and Baker, D.
  • Day & Time: Thursday  2:00 – 5:20 PM
  • Room: V/0321

Media Skills Lab – Foundations

A series of workshops that offer supportive training in current technology and tools in imaging, video, animation, sound, computational systems, physical computing controls, and project management. Six workshops are offered each semester, including Image Workshop, Time Workshop, Sound Workshop, Control Workshop, Systems Workshop, and Management Workshop. The faculty-supported, workshop environment encourages self-learning, which will help students stay relevant in the face of the rapid technological change.

  • Credits / Hours: 1.0 / 3.0
  • Course Code: IMT 1100
  • Section: 1960
  • Instructor: Baker, D.
  • Day & Time: Tuesday 6:00 – 9:20 PM
  • Room: V/0321

Ins and Outs of Physical Computing

An introduction to interactive technology with a focus on how we use technology to express ourselves and interact with our environment. This class will combine a hands-on exploration of sensors and microcontrollers with concepts of interaction design employing a structured design process. Students will work on creative group projects and provide on-line documentation of their work. An array of sensing technologies from simple switches to video tracking will be introduced. Students will use the simple programming of microcontrollers to process incoming data from sensors. .

  • Credits / Hours: 3.0 / 4.0
  • Course Code: ENT 1280
  • Section: 6228
  • Instructor: Baker, D.
  • Day & Time: Friday 10:00 – 11:40 AM and 12:00 – 1:40 PM
  • Room: V/0321

Interdisciplinary Team Project

This course will provide students with practical experience in the conceptualization and production of collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects. Students will learn how to apply the technology of their major through integration with other technologies. Advanced technologies will be used to solve project needs and challenges. The course is implemented through several programs, each of which covers specific technological topics of the participating disciplines. Each student participates in one of four laboratories: Experience Design Lab, Digital Media Lab, Computer Systems Lab, or Devices and Displays Lab.

  • Credits / Hours: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Course Code: ENT  3240
  • Section: 6234
  • Instructor: Choi, I.
  • Day & Time: Tuesday  2:00 – 5:20 PM
  • Room: V/0321