On composing a medium

For resisting the description of an artist as “content provider”: when we wish certain content to be present we must prepare the condition from which the content could be accounted for. Taking the introduction as an aspect of technology, we wish to examine the issue of the composability of a medium in works of art. […]

What is design?

More than ever, digital and computational media open up many possibilities of design domains beyond the familiar ones such as visual [1], graphical [2], information display [3], or architectural design [4, 5]. Practically every domain of practice can be associated with design practice including software [6], engineering [7], and interaction design [8. 9] to mention […]

Interactive Performance: lessons learned

The issues of interactivity between human and machine cross over many research topics. Among them we identify three for conceptual background before we revisit the concept  of musical performance practice. These background topics include the theory of emotion, inference processes, and the mind-body problem. The birth of the theory of emotion and its destiny in […]